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Give Your Child the Gift of Reading

As a parent, you know that reading is the critical first skill your child must learn before education is possible.

Now, with the displacement of millions of 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade “emerging readers” from school due to COVID, it’s more important than ever to keep them learning at grade level, so they don’t fall behind in the coming months, as the school year gets off to a new start.

Since January of 2020, more than 75, all volunteer, artists, engineers, UX designers, curriculum developers, project managers and other professionals have been building a 40 module, 2,000 screen, simulated one-on-one tutoring experience that can teach ANY child, and EVERY child, how to read, in just about 12 hours, with minimal adult supervision required.

The patented, FUNetix 12 Hour Reading App is a "Wonderful Flight to Literacy," "Free to ALL Children," and is available NOW to stream on any laptop or desktop computer.



Introducing FUNetix®

A new groundbreaking curriculum for emerging and struggling readers alike

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After spending the last 12 years working with thousands of children across the country, we’ve been able to identify and resolve the root cause of the reading problem. We’ve unlocked the “secret code” that enables kids to learn how to read incredibly quickly, and with a deep understanding of fundamental reading principles.
After tens of thousands of hours working with children of all reading abilities across the country, we developed and patented a reading curriculum called FUNetix®.

Now we are encapsulating that curriculum into the FUNetix Reading App that completely and independently teaches children how to read with only minimal need for adult guidance or supervision.

Why FUNetix®?

Our patented curriculum is based on a complex understanding of neuroscience and linguistics, language and orthography, the fundamental principles of how the brain processes the written English code, and the absolute best way to teach a developing mind how to read English.

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With the app your child will:


Learn independently with only limited need for guidance and supervision


Learn to read confidently


Have fun learning to read


Practice anywhere, on any device, an iPad, Chromebook, laptop, iPhone or desktop

Is it right for your child?

FUNetix works, even for children who can't read a single word, or who don't know the alphabet! Using symbols, animations, and letters, FUNetix is the best way to learn how to read. We can help students learn confidently, with instant feedback, while having fun at the same time.

Progress is in a stepwise manner so that it is never discouraging. This Thanksgiving, the FUNetix app will be available on ANY device, so your child can practice and learn anywhere!

FUNetix is absolutely free!

You will never be charged for our basic 12 hours of curriculum that will take your child from the ABC’s to an approximate 2nd-grade reading level. Our mission at the American Youth Literacy Foundation 501 (c) (3) is to create an opportunity for every child to build a solid foundation in reading so that they can become anything they want to become and do anything they want to do in life, without limitations!


Coming soon!

Thanksgiving 2020

Let your child play Module 1. It only takes 5 minutes.

Advanced Product Trial

Parents interested in having your child participate in our advanced product trials ahead of our November launch, to include access to our entire 12-hour app which takes children from the ABC’s to an approximate 2nd-grade reading level, direct feedback from our team on your child’s reading progress and more, please sign up here for additional info about the program and to get started.

We are accepting up to one-thousand pre-launch participants on a first-come, first-served basis. All ages and learning abilities are welcome!

R. Kali Woodward

Learn more in the letter from the Executive Director of FUNetix,

R. Kali Woodward

Thank you, Partners, Sponsors, and Donors:

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