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Benefits of FUNetix

Children Learn ALL of the Sounds of English

In technical terms, this is called "phonemic awareness." ALL modern brain science related to reading shows that phonemic awareness is the first, crucial step to learning how to read.

Only FUNetix NAMES Every Sound of the English language

Other phonics curricula teach phonemic awareness by playing rhyming games or using audio cues to break words apart (segmentation). Only FUNetix names every sound and uses audio cues, visual cues, and names, to identify the sounds of English. These three cues, working together, exponentially accelerate a child's grasp and retention of phonemic awareness and phonological knowledge of their spoken language, which prepares them for mapping and decoding.

Children Learn How to Read in About 12 Hours!

Because FUNetix makes so much sense to children, they learn how to blend and decode phonetic English (21E) in about 4 hours. Then they learn how to apply all of the 44 letters and sound symbols as a "diacritic" pronunciation guide to regular English words. This takes about 4 more hours. With another 4 hours of practice, children are reading at a 2nd-grade level in only 12 hours of total instruction time!

No Other Reading Program is This Easy

The American Youth Literacy Foundation has been running a nationwide tutoring program since 2008, and has taught thousands of children from all socio-economic and cultural backgrounds, including ESL (non native English speaking) children how to read, using FUNetix. In all of our years of teaching, we can proudly say that we have NEVER encountered a child who was unable to learn the basic principles of reading using FUNetix.

Your Child Will Become a Confident Reader

FUNetix instills confidence in children from the very first minute of the app. The app is so simple to understand that kids "get it" right away. When the narrator says "the letter 'm' says /mmm/ and the Eagle says /ee/, kids understand that when you blend those sounds together, it makes the word "me." We call this the "Blending Breakthrough." Once kids have gotten past the blending breakthrough, it's almost impossible to STOP them from learning how to read! That has been our experience over thousands of times and over the past 12 years.

40 Modules, 2,000 Fully Narrated Screens, Means You Don't Have to Be a Reading Expert for FUNetix to Work!

FUNetix is a simulated one-on-one tutoring experience containing 40 modules (approximately 50 screens and 15-20 minutes each) that fully explain everything to your child so you don't have to. Children will absolutely benefit from your love and encouragement, but you don't have to be a reading teacher in order for FUNetix to work. In fact, parents don't even have to know how to read themselves, and FUNetix will still teach their child how to read in about 12 hours. If your child is between the ages of 5 and 9 and is "reading ready," or even struggling with reading, you can change their life in 12 hours by opening the door to literacy with FUNetix!

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