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Free Tutoring for Your Budding Reader is Here


We have high school and middle school students ready to teach your child how to read using the patented FUNetix 12 Hour Reading App.

If you have a son or daughter ages 6-9 who can't read, click on the sign-up form seen below and we will pair you with a tutor-free of charge!

All tutoring is done via Google Meet or Zoom.

Tutors will walk through the FUNetix app with your child screen by screen, module by module. Your child answers all the questions and progresses in a stepwise manner.

The app does all of the heavy-lifting while tutors provide encouragement, occasional help, and support.

With COVID impacting the lives of so many children, the American Youth Literacy Foundation has decided to offer free tutoring nationwide to a limited number of 6-9-year-old children, via distance learning.

Give us 12 hours and your child will be reading at a 2nd-grade level by May!

Tutors earn community service hours.

The American Youth Literacy Foundation is an all-volunteer organization, (501 c 3 charitable non-profit) founded in 2008 and dedicated to ensuring that every American child learns how to read before they finish 3rd grade.

The FUNetix 12 Hour Reading App is 100% free and available in the App Store and Google Play right now.

We know that COVID has delayed learning for millions of children, but don’t let that stop your child from learning how to read when they can learn in just 12 hours by playing the FUNetix app.

Sign up by clicking on the button below if you want to work with a FUNetix tutor. We look forward to working with you!

~Team FUNetix

The American Youth Literacy Foundation, 501(c)(3), dba FUNetix, is a nationwide, charitable non-profit dedicated to bringing literacy to every child before they reach the end of 3rd grade. Contact: EIN 26-3211521. 10 N. Main Street, Phoenixville, PA 19460, (484)744-9742