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Kids Learn to Read in 12 Hours!

Give your child the gift of literacy...TODAY!


Download and play the patented, 100% FREE, FUNetix® 12 Hour Reading App,
and your child will become a confident reader in just about 12 hours.

A groundbreaking reading app created for children ages 5-9 and based on 17 years of research.

Designed to move at a comfortable pace, taking your child from the ABCs to a 2nd-grade reading level in about 12 hours.

A "Learn to Read" course disguised as an app. Your child learns while playing the "Wonderful Flight to Literacy" adventure, where they make new friends, learn a Magic Code, and search for Hidden Treasure.

FREE on all smartphones and tablets in the App Store and Google Play. A gift from the American Youth Literacy Foundation,501(c)(3).

FUNetix is the new, EASY way for your child to learn how to read.

FUNetix works for children who don't know the alphabet or can't read a single word. FUNetix uses symbols, animations, and letters to teach your child how to read quickly and correctly. The app provides instant feedback, enabling your child to learn to read confidently, while having fun. The 12 hour reading curriculum, disguised as an app, progresses in a stepwise manner, encouraging your child as they complete the course. Your student embarks on an adventure where they meet new friends and collect treasures, while learning to read.

FUNetix is free!

There is no charge for our basic 12 hours of curriculum that will take your child from the ABC's to an approximate 2nd-grade reading level. Our mission at the American Youth Literacy Foundation 501(c)(3) is to create an opportunity for every child to build a solid foundation in reading, enabling them to reach their true potential without limitations!



The FUNetix patented curriculum has been "real-world" field-tested with thousands of kids for more than 17 years. It's based on an intricate understanding of neuroscience, linguistics, language, and orthography, which make up the fundamental principles of how the brain processes the written English code. The FUNetix app is the absolute best and most logical pathway for teaching a developing brain how to learn to read English.

Your Child will:

◆ Progress independently with limited need for guidance and supervision

 Learn to read confidently

 Enjoy learning how to read

 Practice anywhere, at any time, on any device


From Our Users

Engaging & Fun


"My son really enjoys the app and is having a lot of fun using it. I like it because he very quickly was understanding the concept of what he was doing and immediately was improving in reading. He is able to do this himself, but I have been sitting beside him to see how he is doing... From a teaching perspective, I really like the app as well...I think this app is great!  My son wants to keep using it and is excited to use it, and I can see him actively learning and learning quickly." - Anonymous

Pediatrician Recommended!


Thank you for the most wonderful app that you have created. In a mere two hours, my 6 year old mastered many basics of reading. It was really great! Indeed the app keeps on getting better and better as we proceed to the higher levels. I guess it is like a seven-course meal with the chef's special for dessert. We are enjoying the literary feast.?May the app made by you not only improve literacy but also encourage young readers to cultivate the habit of reading. - Ever grateful. P.S I am a Pediatrician and would like to suggest the app to parents who worry about their kids' reading difficulties.  - Pooja P.

Made Our Lives Better!


Team FUNetix: Do you feel like FUNetix helped Ethan learn how to read? 

Mom: "Oh, yea.  I don't think we would have made it without it . . . I just think that FUNetix just made our lives better and easier. It's so crazy, 40 little levels and wow, it just changed everything!"  Shari P.

Wonderful Educational Tool


"As an educational tool, this app works wonders for early readers!  I can attest to that fact because I used to teach the FUNetix curriculum to struggling young readers, in person, and now I can use the app as a tool - which makes the whole learning process more interactive and fun with the student!  I highly recommend this app!"  - Keith K.

Builds Confidence


"She struggles with transposing letters like b and d which hurts her confidence reading. This system seems to be helping her build that confidence because it takes out that issue with transposition in learning sounds." - S.S.

A Game-Changer


"I've had the privilege of meeting with R. Kali Woodward and his team at the American Youth Literacy Foundation 501(c)(3).  FUNetix is a game-changer for young students struggling to read. FUNetix is free on iTunes & Google Play, remote learning support is available from volunteers, and the modules speak for themselves. Please share this, check it out, download the app, or contact AYLF with questions."  - Nichole M.

Watch Real "Heroes of Children's Literacy" Learn to Read in 12 Hours

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The American Youth Literacy Foundation, 501(c)(3), dba FUNetix, is a nationwide, charitable non-profit dedicated to bringing literacy to every child before they reach the end of 3rd grade. Contact: EIN 26-3211521. 10 N. Main Street, Phoenixville, PA 19460, (484)744-9742

Thank you, Partners, Sponsors, and Donors: