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How it Works

  • FUNetix works by teaching children all 44 sounds of the English language.
  • Then FUNetix shows children that you can "map," or "marry" each of those sounds to a unique visual representation of that sound (a letter or sound-symbol).
  • FUNetix shows children that when you blend these letters and sound symbols together, you can form words that have meaning.
  • It's a simple transition, then, to show children that they can blend words together to form sentences, which also have meaning.

FUNetix teaches the basic principles of reading first, using letters and sound symbols in a logical, regular, phonetic way before it teaches irregular English spelling patterns and inconsistent English spelling rules and exceptions.

FUNetix uses three levels of support tools: Audio Support, Phonetic English Support, and Diacritic Support.  Each of these levels of support is introduced and taught in a step by step, progressive manner.

Once children gain confidence in the basic principles of "blending sound symbols together to form words and blending words together to form sentences," using the 21E Phonetic English code, then FUNetix uses those same letters and sound symbols as a "diacritic" pronunciation guide (building off of the time tested diacritic pronunciation systems of the Greek, Hebrew, Arabic and Farsi languages) to show children the sounds in every English word.

Each of these tools, Audio Support, Phonetic Support, and Diacritic Support are essential for moving children quickly towards confident, independent English reading and comprehension.

FUNetix then implements a "weaning process" that systematically removes the support systems until only diacritics remain for new and novel words.  This weaning process begins at about 8 hours of instruction; but the FUNetix "Magic Hat" button, diacritic support tool, remains available, at the push of a button, even after the core modules of the 12-hour app are completed and the student enters the "Wonderful Content Library," so that s/he can still "lookup" words that s/he has never seen before or may have forgotten, without requiring any adult intervention.*

FUNetix works by taking all of the guesswork, frustration and confusion out of learning how to read, which allows most children to learn how to read in just 12 hours or less!

*Most children enter first grade with an approximate 5,000-10,000 word, working vocabulary, and up to a 20,000+ word receptive vocabulary (words they understand but don't use in their own speech); but they have never seen most of those words in print before. Words as common as "spaghetti," or "dictionary," may be words that are "known to" and "understood by," and even used by children, but represent decoding challenges that the FUNetix decoding system can uniquely help them overcome, as they learn to recognize these, and other, common, everyday words.

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