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How it Works

FUNetix gives a name and a symbol to each of the 44 sounds in the English language. Even though, in theory, the letters in the alphabet should match up to a sound in the English language, that's often not the case.  Many letters can represent more than one sound and many sounds in English don't have their own dedicated letter.  This creates a gap between the 44 identified sounds of English and the 26 letters of the alphabet. FUNetix solves this problem by filling in the gap for kids and showing them ALL of the hidden sounds in words, taking the guesswork out and making it logical and easy. Teaching the 44 sounds of English (when listed out this is called the Phonibet (an alphabet of sounds)) is the crucial step for the "reading brain" that ONLY FUNetix delivers.  That's why it's so easy and works so fast.

Here's what a simple story looks like in Module 12 of the app.  Three learning support tools are included here: An audio button so children can hear the story read to them, a simplified, child-friendly phonetic English code called Kindercode™ or 21E®, that kids learn how to read in less than 4 hours, and our patented diacritic pronunciation guide shown as the Phonibet symbols placed above the English words.


What is the 21E Phonetic code?


*Most children enter first grade with an approximate 5,000-10,000 word, working vocabulary, and up to a 20,000+ word receptive vocabulary (words they understand but don't use in their speech); but they have never seen most of those words in print before. Terms as common as "spaghetti," or "dictionary," may be words that are "known to" and "understood by," and even used by children, but represent decoding challenges that the FUNetix decoding system can uniquely help them overcome, as they learn to recognize these, and other ordinary, everyday words in their new "reading vocabulary."

The American Youth Literacy Foundation, 501(c)(3), dba FUNetix, is a nationwide, charitable non-profit dedicated to bringing literacy to every child before they reach the end of 3rd grade. Contact: EIN 26-3211521. 10 N. Main Street, Phoenixville, PA 19460, (484)744-9742