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Become a Literacy Partner!

Let's Create a Legacy of Literacy in Baltimore.

Please Join the American Youth Literacy Foundation in Sponsoring Our Kindle Giveaway

The American Youth Literacy Foundation is seeking additional sponsors and partners to help give away thousands of Kindles (pre-loaded with the FUNetix® 12 Hour Reading App) to 6-9 year-old children in Baltimore who don’t have devices of their own, but who desperately need to learn how to read, to make up for the “COVID Slide,” and to get back on grade level to continue their educational journey.

Would you like to get involved with a special cause to help Baltimore families, by teaching Baltimore children to read? We need your help! Baltimore businesses are invited to become Literacy Partners with us and make lasting change in the community, literally creating a Legacy of Literacy in your hometown! The American Youth Literacy Foundation, a registered 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, is organizing the Great Kindle Giveaway to donate FREE Kindle devices to families in Baltimore. Each Kindle will come preloaded with the FUNetix® 12 Hour Reading App, a patented, powerful, and 100% FREE app that uses the power of phonics and gamification technology to teach children how to read in just 12 hours! This FREE Kindle Giveaway is a cause marketing opportunity to make a true difference in a child’s life? Each Kindle, complete with case, and the FUNetix app, will be hand-delivered by a FUNetix community liaison who will provide up to 14 weeks of support per child.  The cost? Only $100 per Kindle, a small price considering that Baltimore spends, on average, $14,000 per year, per student in public school. Help us fight Learning Loss as a FUNetix Sponsor/Partner!  Help us close the Digital Divide.  Help support underprivileged children in Baltimore who have every potential for higher learning and higher education if they can just learn to read while they’re still in the first, second, and third grades.  Invest in Baltimore’s future through an Ed Tech tool for children: a fun, fast, easy way to learn how to read. Click on the “Become a Sponsor” button below for more details on how to help us scale the Great Kindle Giveaway, and how your business can get the recognition you deserve in Baltimore!

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