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Support for Parents


We WANT You to Succeed!

We are an all-volunteer, mission-centric, results-oriented, 12-year-old non-profit dedicated to making sure that YOUR child learns how to read. We WANT you to succeed! We will provide as much support to you and your child as we possibly can. We will answer your questions as fast as we can if you email us or contact us at We are continuously adding updates to the app based on your feedback and suggestions.

Parent Tool Kit

When you sign up to stream the app today, we'll send you three modules along with our "Parent Tool Kit" which tells you all about the app and how to use it. The parent tool kit includes a "cheat sheet" with all of the sound symbols, so you will know what each symbol is and what sound it makes. That way you can help your child learn ALL of the sounds of English, if you want to. We'll also send you a list of Do's and Don'ts, FAQ's and other helpful hints to optimize your child's reading learning experience, to make it go as smoothly as possible.

Never Give Up

Reading is absolutely one of the most important tools your child can have in their personal "tool kit," to take on life's challenges, to become educated, to become anything they want to become, to succeed, to grow, to develop learning power, earning power, to find happiness, to learn how to communicate with others, and to learn how to always be improving themselves.

And now, reading is only 12 hours away. Never give up on your child's ability to learn how to read! Reading isn't hard. It's not impossible. It's not just for the few. Reading is for everyone! Reading is for your child; and reading is for you! Your child can be reading in just 12 hours if you give them the FUNetix Reading App today! Even if you don't start today, if your child starts to struggle, please remember that FUNetix is here for you to untangle the confusion that so many children have with learning how to read.  Simply put, FUNetix is the BEST possible tool to start your child with, on the path to reading, or to help solve your child's reading challenges, if they start to fall off of that path!

The American Youth Literacy Foundation, 501(c)(3), dba FUNetix, is a nationwide, charitable non-profit dedicated to bringing literacy to every child before they reach the end of 3rd grade. Contact: EIN 26-3211521. 10 N. Main Street, Phoenixville, PA 19460, (484)744-9742