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Why it Works

FUNetix works because FUNetix teaches children all of the 44 sounds of English first before it jumps into English spelling patterns.


FUNetix works because it gives each sound of the English language its own name. This is so important for the "reading brain." All of the letters of the alphabet are, in fact, names for the sounds of English. But many of the sounds of English have been left out of the alphabet, and don't have names.


Now parents, teachers, and children can refer to the "Long A" vowel sound as the Acorn, and the "Short A" vowel sound as the Apple. Now all of the other sounds of English, like the /ee/ sound, the /oh/ sound, the /oo/ sound, etc., can be referred to by name. The Eagle, for instance, says /ee/. By giving each sound of English a name, children can now reference the sounds of their language with a visual cue AND a name, AND an audio cue. This triangulation effect in the brain of having an Audio, Visual and Verbal cue for each English sound is one of the key reasons why FUNetix builds critical neural networks for phonemic awareness so quickly and why it creates the foundation for fluid, phonics-based reading so efficiently.


For example, the audio cue for the "Long A" vowel sound would be the sound /ay/. The visual cue is the pictogram of the Acorn. The name is "Acorn." The technical name for teachers and educators is still the "Long A" vowel sound. But kids don't need to know that when they are 5 or 6 years old. They only need to know that the Acorn says /ay/.


Teaching a child English spelling patterns (phonics) before they have learned the sounds of English and the basic concept of blending, is like trying to teach a child to ride a bicycle without training wheels before they've ever ridden a tricycle. It just doesn't make sense.


FUNetix works because it's progressive and "step by step." FUNetix starts with the simplest of concepts (two sounds, shown as two sound symbols, blended together to form one word). Once children gain confidence and master blending two sounds together, FUNetix advances them to "three sound" words, then "four sound" words, and so on.


FUNetix teaches reading first; THEN it teaches English.


Children are super smart! FUNetix makes perfect sense to them. That's why they learn to read so quickly, easily, and painlessly with FUNetix!

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